Day to day

School life at MA is made up of two types of time: one fixed and concrete, and the other flexible and variable. The first is connected with certainties, the things we know will happen on a daily basis and that give us a sense of comfort. The second type is to do with the ebb and flow of day-to-day life, spontaneous play, discoveries, new relationships, unexpected happenings… At MA, our days are a constant dialogue between the two.

Below is a detailed summary of the fixed times, the set points in our routine that we make sure happen every day. The rest of the time we try as far as possible to flow between the needs of the group and each of the individual children.

From 9.00 to 10.00 the school is open for families to spend time with their children, or with the educators. Between 9.00 and 11:00 fruit is available for children to eat if they feel hungry.

Around 12:00, the younger children make lunch after washing their hands and laying the table, and when they’re finished, they have their daily rest. The older children eat at 13:00, after which they can rest or, if they prefer, they can play in the different spaces they have available.

Around 14:50 the school opens for parents to pick up their children or spend some time with them and the educators. Around 15:00 we come together in a circle to say goodbye with a song, a story or chatting about a subject that’s relevant to the group. At 15:30 the school day ends, but children can stay up to 17.00 if their families need it enjoying the different workshops that we offer.